Anatomy of a Knife

Throughout The Strop Shop® Web site the various parts of a knife are mentioned. If you aren’t familiar with these parts the illustration below identifies them and describes the function of each. The knife depicted here is a chef’s knife but the same parts apply to virtually all the other types as well.

Parts of a knife diagram

A - Point: Used for piercing

B - Tip: Used for small pieces of foods

C - Spine: Back of blade (opposite the cutting edge)

D - Edge: The working part of the blade

E - Heel: Used for cutting tough foods when greater force is needed

F - Bolster: Protects fingers from the cutting edge of the blade

G - Tang: That part of the blade that extends into or through the handle

H - Handle: Made of synthetic, hard wood or bone

I - Butt or Heel: The end of the handle

J - Rivet: Fastens the handle to the tang

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